December 17, 2019

Appropriations Package Reauthorizes PCORI For Ten Years!

Friends of PCORI Reauthorization is extremely pleased to report that the FY2020 Appropriations package, H.R. 1865, released late today includes a provision to reauthorize PCORI through September 30, 2029. Read the PCORI bill text here.

Changes to PCORI’s statute include:

  • Extension of the authorization to 2029 (i.e., 10 years more)
  • Extension of the funding from PCOR health insurer fees
  • Increased mandatory appropriations to offset elimination of the transfers from the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund and the Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund
  • Addition of intellectual and developmental disabilities and maternal mortality as research priorities
  • Consideration of the “full range of outcomes data” to include the “potential burdens and economic impacts of the utilization of medical treatments, items, and services on different stakeholders and decision-makers respectively. These potential burdens and economic impacts include medical out-of-pocket costs, including health plan benefit and formulary design, non-medical costs to the patient and family, including caregiving, effects on future costs of care, workplace productivity and absenteeism, and healthcare utilization.”
  • The option for GAO to add 2 more seats to the Board of Governors for payers/purchasers
  • Shift the selection of the Methodology Committee by the Board of Governors, instead of the GAO
  • Expanded scope of GAO oversight in its reports, including AHRQ collaboration with stakeholders related to dissemination activities

The 12 appropriations bills will be sent to the House floor in two separate packages or “minibuses” starting Tuesday, December 17th. PCORI reauthorization is in the second minibus to be considered. We expect after House passage, the minibuses will immediately go to the Senate for passage and then on to the White House for the President’s signature prior to midnight on Friday, December 20th.

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